Introducing a Transformative Way to End the Generational Wars Once and For All.

It’s time to unlock the talent potential of our diverse, intergenerational workforce by proactively attracting, developing, and engaging employees at every age.



  1. A business method and mindset to transform multigenerational challenges into intergenerational collaboration and success.

  2. Inclusively leveraging diverse skills, talents, abilities, and experience among different age groups.

  3. A success factor for recruitment and retention of employees.We challenge leaders to go beyond simply accepting generational differences to leverage them proactively to increase engagement, innovation, and organizational success.
Gentelligence reveals the opportunities within an intergenerational workforce and provides actionable tools to help individuals, teams, and leaders build Gentelligent organizations.

what is the gentelligence academy?

a world-class digital training experience

Tap into the insights and expertise that Megan shares with companies all over the world, now with the opportunity to practice and apply the strategies to your own workplace. Building upon the work introduced in Gentelligence: The Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workplace, this platform is designed to bring the work to life and take you even further in your learning. You’ll have 24/7 access to courses on Mastering Gentelligence, Leading Gentelligent Teams, or Gentelligence for the Future of Work, depending on the programs you purchase. Each course includes exercises and activities to put your learning into practice.

personally taught by Dr. Megan Gerhardt, author of best-selling book: gentelligence: The Revolutionary Approach to Leading and Intergenerational Workforce

Megan Gerhardt, Ph. D. is a professor of management, international speaker, author, and leadership consultant.  Her Gentelligence work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, NBCNews.com, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, MarketWatch, The Houston Chronicle, and Inc. Magazine, among others. In 2017, her TEDx talk “Why I Love Millennials…and You Should, Too” was released. Dr. Gerhardt’s work (www.profgerhardt.com) focuses on leveraging differences to achieve impact and extraordinary levels of performance. This academy provides the opportunity to learn how Megan’s research, insights, and generational consulting experiences can help you change how you view the power of generational differences in your own workplace.

Learn How to use generational diversity as a strategic business opportunity

We have 5 generations in the workplace, yet only 6% of organizations believe their companies are equipped to lead an intergenerational workforce effectively. While best practices to levarage the power of other kinds of diversity are on the rise, these strategies are rearely applied to age and generartional differences. It’s time to change that. That is exactly why we created the Gentelligence Academy. Designed for individuals, teams, people leaders, DEI professionals, and HR experts, this is your one-stop training portal to transform the unique experiences, perspectives, and expertise of your multigenerational workforce into a powerful source of innovation, learning, and performance. Individualized certifications for each program are available.

Understanding & Leveraging Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Dr. Megan Gerhardt explains how understanding Gentelligence®  can help organizations leverage generational diversity to unlock the untapped potential of every generation in the workplace. Check out the TEDx that started the movement!


Mastering Gentelligence teaches a groundbreaking approach that will have you thinking about your generationally diverse workforce in an entirely different way. Learn:
  • Where generational conflict originates, and how it results in both dangerous ageism and reverse ageism in today’s workplaces.
  • The roadblocks to realizing the benefits of intergenerational collaboration
  • How to find essential common ground with colleagues, both older and younger, and recognize the unique needs that come with different generational identities.
  • How generational shaming leads us to view those from other generations as competitors rather than collaborators, further damaging employee engagement, team dynamics, innovation, and organizational culture.
  • How leveraging the unique strengths of each generation at work can lead to a win-win outcome for all.
  • How traditional views on leadership have been turned upside down as a result of new generational dynamics, with many employees currently being led by managers that are younger than themselves, and older leaders struggling to make sense of changing norms around authority and power.

Gentelligence reveals the opportunities within an intergenerational workforce and provides actionable tools to help leaders and team members build Gentelligent organizations. Mastering Gentelligence rejects common stereotypes assigned to different generations, replacing them with a deep understanding of why those who grew up in different times may behave in unique and valuable ways. We challenge today’s leaders to go beyond simply accepting generational differences to leverage them proactively to increase engagement, innovation, and organizational success.

Mastering Gentelligence

$ 325
  • Understand the current state of our multigenerational workplace
  • Identify the 5 generational identities of today's employees and how they formed
  • Highlight common roadblocks to Gentelligence
  • Introduce the 4 Practices of Gentelligence (aka The Gentelligence Method)
  • Share practical strategies to apply the Gentelligence practices to your daily work

Leverage the full potential of Gentelligence by signing up your entire team.


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