Gentelligence Terms of Use

Gentelligence is a registered trademark of The Gerhardt Group, LLC, and may not be used in commerce without the express consent of The Gerhardt Group, LLC. The term Gentelligence may be used informatively in reference to the training services offered by The Gerhardt Group, LLC and associated content produced by The Gerhardt Group, LLC. All proper uses shall include clear attribution. 

The printed, electronic (downloadable and streaming) and other training and learning materials (“Materials”) bearing the Gentelligence trademark and/or used in association with Gentelligence training services are the copyrighted intellectual property of The Gerhardt Group, LLC.  All rights are reserved. Any alteration of these Materials without the express consent of The Gerhardt Group, LLC is prohibited. Unless an exception listed below applies, any reproduction and/or sale of these Materials, and/or any rendering of training services in association with these Materials, is prohibited without the express consent of The Gerhardt Group, LLC. 

Express permission is required for reproducing and/or using any of the Materials in association with commercial and/or for-profit activities. Express permission is not required for using any of the Materials for non-profit, educational or research purposes; however, proper attribution to The Gerhardt Group, LLC must be given. 

Materials are for the personal use of a participant of an authorized training event, and cannot be reproduced or distributed to others without the express consent of The Gerhardt Group, LLC. However, one copy of the Materials may be downloaded and one copy printed for individual use only. 


© The Gerhardt Group. All rights reserved. TERMS OF USE

Mastering Gentelligence

Get all of the same access and support from the Individual subscription but now have your entire team go through the Gentelligence Academy to maximize the concepts learned in the Mastering Gentelligence program.

Simply tell us how many users you wish to add into the Academy and upon checkout download a .csv file to add in your team members and then email your completed file to gentelligenceacademy@profgerhardt.com. A member from our team will load in your file within 1-2 Business days!


ANNUALLY per person